Podcast 1: The Administrative Law Mantra

This podcast defines "administrative law" and proposes a simple "mantra" for understanding administrative law's core preoccupation. It also discusses the historic case of Roncarelli v. Duplessis. Although procedurally not an administrative law case (this was an action for damages), the wrongdoing in Roncarelli v. Duplessis stems from an administrative act and that wrongdoing serves as a means to illustrate the undergirding preoccupations of administrative law and its relationship to other concepts, such as the rule of law.

The first half of the podcast doesn't have quite the same sound fidelity as the second half, or later podcasts.  (I switched to a better microphone halfway through).  It is, however, still clear (if a bit tinny).

In this course, we will work through the administrative law dilemmas posed by two simulated client files. The initial facts are set out in the Aplikant memo to file and the Phelon memo to file.