Department of National Defence Documents on 2002 Detainee Policies and Practices in Afghanistan

Originally posted March 2006 in beta version of this blog site.

Controversy arose in 2002 over the role of Canadian Forces in transferring prisoners captured during Afghan operations to U.S. forces. By that point, the United States had adopted policies on treatment of "unlawful combatants" potentially incompatible with the international law of armed conflict, a body of law binding on Canada. CNSLArchives Doc. 05-02 contains internal "media lines" and advice to the Minister of National Defence (MND) prepared during this period, dealing with the treatment of detainees by Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. CNSLArchives Doc. 05-03 contains documents describing the policies and procedures of Canadian Forces in relation to detainees. These documents were obtained via Access to Information requests covering (roughly) the period 2002-2004.