Historic House of Common's speaker ruling on parliamentary privileges and national security confidentiality imminent

Cross-referencing: National Security Law, Ch. 2 and Ch. 3, p. 109 et seq.

The House of Commons speaker is expected to rule today on whether the House of Commons can, as a matter of parliamentary privilege, compel the government to produce uncensored documents relating to the transfer of Afghan detainees to Afghan authorities by the Canadian Forces.  This practice has sparked tremendous controversy in Canada, given pervasive allegations of maltreatment and torture of detainees in Afghan custody.  In anticipation of this ruling, I include links to several documents outlining (at least in part) the contours of this dispute:

1. Question of Privilege raised by Derek Lee, MP

2. Letter from the Department of Justice to Parliamentary Counsel

3. Response of Parliament Counsel to Department of Justice

4. Position of the Minister of Justice