CSIS intelligence-sharing rules

NSL, ch. 12.


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) 2008-09 Public Report describes several documents relating to its intelligence-sharing policies: a) a Ministerial Direction from the Minister of Public Safety on information-sharing with foreign agencies; b) a November 2008 directive from the CSIS Deputy Director of Operations described as formalizing "important principles in the context of sharing information with agencies that have poor human rights records"; c) a DFAIT/CSIS MOU described as creating an "improved framework for cooperation relating to consular cases involving"; d) caveats attached to information shared with foreign agencies.

In April, I requested these documents through the Access to Information Act.  I have posted the (redacted) documents released in response and will include an analysis of these instruments at a later time.  They appear in the order listed above.


CSIS Human Rights and Intelligence-sharing Policy (June 2010)