Canadian Anti-terrorism Law: An Audit

Kent Roach (University of Toronto) and I are preparing to devote ourselves over the next few weeks to a prompt scholarly response to developments in Canadian anti-terrorism law.  To this end, we will be preparing with Irwin Law a book project reacting to the new anti-terror bill, expected tomorrow.  Because this will be a "real-time" project, we will post draft chapters, sections and analyses on a Irwin Law website, billed "Canadian Anti-terrorism Law: An Audit".  This will be a "no frills" website, described as follows:

This webpage will be used to archive materials collected and prepared by Craig Forcese and Kent Roach in anticipation of a book on contemporary Canadian anti-terrorism law, to be published by Irwin Law, 2015.  Our objective is to make available chapters and sections in draft form, as they as they are prepared.  These materials will continue to be edited up until final publication, but our hope is that early open source draft posting will assist those working in this active and developing area.

We don't promise that our drafts will be free of typos!

I will post a link from this website as soon as we are ready to launch.  I will also make sure to cross-reference developments on the new website with this blog.