About the Book

New Edition Going to Print!

By Craig Forcese

John Currie, Val Oosterveld, Joanna Harrington and I are pleased to announce that a new edition of our International Law textbook will soon be going to print, in time for Winter term 2014.  We have just signed off on the galleys and so there is nothing left for us to do!

It's been a huge project but we are pleased with the outcome and hope that the instructors and students who use our book find it useful and informative.


National Security Law: Canadian Practice in International Perspective

National Security Law is a comprehensive handbook that focuses on the law and legal instruments governing the Canadian state’s response to events that jeopardize its "national security." Specifically, these are events or plausible threats with the potential to inflict massive injury on life and property in Canada—terrorism, natural disasters and epidemic disease, and foreign attacks and domestic insurrections.