Public Interest Litigation Lab Directed Research (2017-2018)

In this 3-credit Fall experiential directed research project, 2L or 3L students will participate in litigation-related projects run by Lorne Waldman (Waldman & Associates) and Marlys Edwardh (Goldblatt Partners LLP).  This project will involve completing litigation-related research tasks and also “beaming-in” electronically on your portable devices to participate in five reflective discussions at 6:30 to 8:30 pm on September 11, 25, October 23, November 20, 27.

The four projects are as follows

Project 1 (Criminal Law): Solitary confinement and the mentally ill.

Project 2 (Immigration Law): Jurisprudential guidelines issued by the Immigration and Refugee Board and administrative law principles.

Project 3 (Immigration Law): Deportation of long-term permanent residents, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the UN human rights system.

Project 4 (Immigration Law): Deportation of long-term permanent residents and judicial review in the Federal Court.


Student applications should be submitted by email to by 4 pm on September 8, 2017. Please include a brief note explaining your interest in one or more of these projects, your curriculum vitae and your unofficial law school transcripts. These projects favour students with strong research skills interested in developing their applied research and writing abilities. The language of this project will be: English.