Public Law Tour of Ottawa

About the Tour

I have created a series of 8 short podcast "seminars" (literally) walking you through parts of official Ottawa, and along the way, exploring public law themes that weave together aspects of this capital city.  This tour can also be completed as a run or by bicycle (except please do not run or cycle through the parliamentary precinct, or cycle along the sidewalk portions of the tour).

The full tour is about 8.5 km long if you start at the law school on the uOttawa campus, although you may pick and chose which sites you visit, or complete a shortform tour.  The official tour begins at Track 2, set to begin at the National War Memorial on Elgin Street.  (I assume, though, that people will typically begin at the law school and so narrate some interesting background information in Track 1 as you make your way to the War Memorial). 

The tour completes a loop from the War Memorial and ends at the same spot. [NB: For track 7, access to the statutes of Baldwin and Lafontaine may be closed off by construction.  If so, just find a seat and keep listening.]

The public law tour map appears below, and can be downloaded in pdf here.  The place where you should play each track in the podcast is marked, as are the km markers.  You may wish to carry this map on your electronic device, as a black and white print out will be more difficult to follow.

Before venturing on the tour, download the podcasts from iTunes directly onto a portable device.

This is version 1.0 of the tour.  Let me know if you like it!

The Public Law Tour Challenge

I throw down the guantlet for members of the uOttawa or broader legal community to compete annually for the "fastest known time" running the key parts of the public law tour, Men's and Women's Division.  The Challenge version of the tour (which is not narrated because you will be in too much agony to pay attention) is somewhat shorter and minimizes the number of intersections that might impede your progress.

Fastest known times are recorded on the honour system.   Those who wish to compete for the Honour Roll should email me with their completion times at, and I will memorialize your accomplishments on this website.  Of course, there is little real propsect that once I get back into fighting trim, any of you have a chance. (Let the smack talk begin!)

The map for the Challenge version of the tour is below and can be downloaded here.  Total distance should be pretty close to 5km, give or take (will update with GPS data as soon as possible).


Credits: I used a number of newspaper articles, official websites and my own course lectures notes to pull together this podcast tour.  Special acknowledgement of my debt to Katherine Fletcher, Capital Walks: Walking Tours of Ottawa (2004).  And I always find inspiration in the writing of Ottawa's Phil Jenkins.  Maps created using